SAHM woes

Man, I am not looking forward to this week. I start my internship, which means I have to leave my baby at daycare for the first time in his 19 months. I went to bed last night with that terrible feeling in my stomach, the one that I imagine 50 year olds get the night before their first colonoscopy.

I’m scared.

What if he thinks I’ve abandoned him?

What if he doesn’t want to leave because they gave him processed, sugar-filled cookies and kool-aid?

I guess those are my only two main concerns. I’m not just putting him in daycare (for less than 8 hours a week, by the way!) because of my internship, although I will admit that if it weren’t for this opportunity, I would never enroll him in daycare, but he also needs some socialization and to learn to be without me. I have so enjoyed spending every day with my baby boy, but it’s time for him to realize that while I am the the provider of food, drink, and pixar movies, other people can do these things as well. I think I am really just worried that the daycare workers are completely incompetent and, while they successfully take are of other peoples children, they will have no idea how to care for MY child. There, I said it.

I have come across a few articles that are reassuring me, along with some words from a few friends who say that their kids cried and cried for the first week or two, but after that, they loved going to daycare:

Separation Anxiety: Helping the First Day of Daycare Go Smoothly

Toddlers in Daycare

Both of these articles suggest that we visit the daycare for an hour or so before the first day that I leave him. Looks like that is the plan for today!

Anyone else dealt with this around the age of 18 months?

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