Milo is thinking, "Who is this guy?"

I’m a suburban housewife who belongs on a farm raising goats, chickens, and a beautiful garden big enough to feed my family all year long! I love to crochet, sew, help my husband build beautiful things for our home, garden, and cook.  I’m trying to find ways to live simpler one area of my life at a time. I am a mother to Milo, a busy, tow-headed toddler, and have a daughter due in a few months!

I enjoy sharing my DIY projects and real-food recipes here on Me + Three {and counting}.  Follow me for weekly healthy recipes made with real food, weekly DIY projects, and monthly Etsy giveaways!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. You will love my British boyfriend. I’m so excited for you to meet him!!! Maybe you could convince Dad he’s being retarded, just in case I do decide to marry him one day. bahaha!

  2. I just wanted to remind you that you also said “retarded” in your about me section. So you may want to do something about that. Haha.
    Also, I am laughing reading my last comment, since I DID actually marry him and am now throwing up constantly due to his baby in my belly. Oh, what a life. Haha.

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