Today is Thanksgiving! This is the second Thanksgiving I have spent apart from my family (not including Sam).  The first was when I was in Basic Training for the Air Force.  They were kind enough to let local families from around San Antonio “adopt” a trainee for the day, so we got to pair up with a buddy and go to some strangers house where they fed us a great meal.  Today Sam and I are having some great friends over to spend the day with us.  I have decided to let myself have one glass of wine (during dinner, and only ONE) and I’m sure Sam and the boys will smoke cigars and drink scotch. From the sound of that you’d think I’m married to a 65 year old retired business man, but nope, my 24 year old Marine husband likes to sit around and do old man stuff.  Anyway, I know this day is about pilgrims and Indians and all that junk, but I’d thought I’d take some time out of my day to think about what I am thankful for.  There are many things, so I will keep the list short, only 5 things:  The first thing I am thankful for, and this far surpasses anything on this list, is the salvation that has been freely given to me by God.  I could spend all day talking about this, but for the sake of keeping this short I will stop now.  The second thing is my husband.  He may not be the most graceful dancer, or even a very good dish washer, but those things are not important to me.  He is an honest man.  If he does happen to do something wrong (which is not very often) he fesses up.  He’s thoughtful, funny, and he loves me more than anything in this world, and I love him.  Of course, I do not love him because of those things, for if those things were to disappear from him, my love for him would still remain.  I am thankful for the awesome person that he is, and for the son that I will meet in roughly 5 weeks that would not be possible without Sam.  That brings me to the third thing I am thankful for – the ability to carry and bring a child into this world.  I have been pretty comfortable during my pregnancy and am carrying a healthy baby boy.  God willing, there will be more children to follow! The fourth thing I am thankful for is my family.  I have great parents who aren’t cracked out on anything, or drunk all the time.  They are all mentally sound and have worked hard their whole lives to make sure me and my sister and brother have all we need and more.  My in-laws are awesome too! I am so blessed to have such a loving family. Everyone loves everyone, no internal conflicts, we can all get together and have an awesome time because everyone loves everyone so much! They are all in love with God too.  I am so thankful to have been raised in a family who knows and loves JC and who taught me to do the same.  I hope that Miles, and the rest of my children to come, can say the same thing about us when they begin to look back on their lives and think about what they are most thankful for.  The fifth thing I am thankful for is photos! Please note that besides the first thing, these are really in no particular order.  I just wanted to list 5 things that I am thankful for.  Back to photos…Photos give us the chance to visually relive great times that we have shared with people we love, people we have lost, our favorite toys, our first car, ex-boyfriends, yummy food – any memory we have decided to capture in a photo! I will leave you with a few photos from past Thanksgivings and will be sure to capture some new photos today.  Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanksgiving 2010 - Spend in Malibu with my wonderful in-laws and their favorite friends!

Thanksgiving 2009 - Spent training up the mini Army my dad is trying to start (haha, dad). This is how we normally spend this holiday - paintball on the farm.

Thanksgiving 2009 - Sam getting ready to go out to the field. I don't think I played this year.

Thanksgiving 2008 - Showing off our war wounds.

Thanksgiving 2008 - looks like Thanksgiving 2009, right?

Near Thanksgiving 2007. My awesome in-laws!

One thought on “Thanks

  1. Amber, you are so awesome!!! you truly are a wonderful friend, and I’m Thankful God has brought you into my life, as well as your wonderful family … Have a good Thanksgiving, Love ya

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