Almost there…

Okay, so I think I can feel myself dilating.  Maybe that is weird, or impossible, but that is what it feels like it, and I am really hoping I am right because I am just about 37 weeks pregnant, so this baby is more than welcome to evacuate my womb anytime now. I love you, Miles, but I am tired of sharing my body with you.  I am ready to wear my size 2 jeans again, and my size 6 1/2 shoes, please! I am also ready to have a big Italian margarita, a rum and coke, and a bottle of wine, not all in the same sitting, but possibly.

So, here I am, thirty-six and a half weeks along in my pregnancy and 30lbs heavier than I ever imagined I’d be.  Thank the Lord in Heaven that I do not have any stretch marks (yet).  I say “yet” because I still have 3ish weeks to go and He could decide to curse me between now and then.  I say “curse” because it really is unfortunate when a women gets stretch marks.  I mean, you can try and make yourself feel better by calling them “trophies” or whatever name you want to put on them, but I’d much rather do without those so-called prizes for surviving pregnancy.  I can use my child as proof of that, thank you very much! So how am I feeling right about now? Well, 3 of my fingers on my right hand are numb, I don’t know where my ankles are hiding, and my son likes to punch me in the cervix.  There are some moments of relief, however.  Sam and I attended a “Baby Boot Camp” on Friday and he got to wear a 30lb empathy belly.  The belly constricted his breathing a little and put a little extra weight on his bladder, gave him a nice rack and a huge belly, and gave me a few giggles.

He was a good sport about it, but pointed out that he just returned from Afghanistan where he had to wear 60lbs (or so he says) of gear every day, so the belly was nothing to him.  I wish there was a way to give him the extra blood and fluid and maybe put a real baby inside of him.  He also gave our baby for the day, which was an Asian baby girl doll, a sponge bath and changed a fake-poopy diaper.  I’d say he’s pretty much ready for Miles to get here.  We had our maternity photo shoot yesterday evening, which went pretty well.  Hmmm..I can’t think of any other updates that I haven’t covered.  Oh!! Miles is head down and the doctor said his head was a normal size.  That is great news for me since my husband has a gigantic head and all I can think about when I look at his head is Miles and pain and death.  Okay, well, I am done for the night.  Have a great night, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. LOL. You are so funny Amber!! Great pictures. Whether you can see your ankles or not and you have put on baby weight, you look absolutely beautiful. It will all be over soon. Promise. Wishing you a wonderful easy labor!! Much love!

  2. Ahhh. Dilation. Amber, I hope you are different from me (yet the same) for I didn’t fully dilate until birth. Now, the great side to that was that I had Ali after 45 minutes of labor, and he was born with no drugs and no stitches nor tears (meaning rips). He just popped out, and I couldn’t believe that it had been so easy after hearing all the horror stories. It was uncomfortable, yet I couldn’t tell you I was in pain (only when the dr. would check me. OWW!) Bethany was born 11 years later and my uterus was tipped sideways, so she took three hours to be born and without pain relief and stitches/tears. With both children, I fully dilated right before they were born (about 7- 6 cm in 10 mins or less!) All my children were born slightly early (37-39 weeks). For both children, I simply got up and walked either back to my room or to the nursery. If you get the Richardson genes for childbirth, it should be easy–piece of cake! (And, interesting to note here–Ali’s head was 14 inches in diameter–big headed alien-looking child ’cause he only weighed 5 lbs. and 15 oz.) Just a note of caution: Had I not been induced for Ali (and Bethany not being pushed down toward my hip instead of my cervix–for 6 long 12 hour days of labor) I would have had both children in my car or house. Labor was so much less for me than what had been described, that when I went into labor with Bethany & Zachary, I didn’t respond fast enough. I was in hours of 9-11 mins. contractions and didn’t recognize that I was in labor. Thank God he was breech or he would have been born at school. I barely held him in as it was until I got into surgery. Our genes are like those women who have babies in the fields and return to work right after. Richardson women are tough like that.

    So, if you think you might be in labor, you probably are and run, not walk, to the hospital!

    Oh yeah, stretch marks…I didn’t have any of those until Ali passed through the birth canal (thanks to pitocin)….. I got them on the very top of my legs in front–little ones. Zachary was another story altogether. Do everything you can naturally. You already take better care of yourself than I did back then.

    One more funny story: When I was being induced with Ali (’cause it was July in Florida and I was miserable and they didn’t really know when he was due–no ultrasound), I “thought” I was in labor and began to pant and such like that–carrying on and moaning–until a nurse came in and checked me. She then ordered me to shut up and stop acting stupid because I was having absolutely no labor pains. My water hadn’t broken either. When my water broke, and I was in “real” labor, I coudn’t say a word–not a sound did I make, and 45 minutes later, I was asking the same nurse, “Is that all?” “Am I done?” “You mean, that is all there is?” “Dang,” I said and then I sat up, stood up, and walked to my room (back then we delivered in a separate room.)

    • Haha..I hope I only have incredibly sweet and understanding nurses. I am limiting the people who come into my room to one nurse, the doctor and my people, so that should be nice for me. I hope that I give birth as fast as you did! My mom was in labor a long time with me, Stephy, and Brett so I might end up like her. I am going to try my best to do it all natural with no drugs, but they are kind of strict here and if my water breaks then they will want to give me pitocin, which will make my contractions way stronger and way more painful, but I will still try to do it sans drugs!

    • Thanks for reading, Father-bear! Just about 23 more days until my due date! I keep asking God to please give me a sign for when Miles will be here, but I think he is laughing at me. =)

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