I am in love..again

I don’t remember quite how it happened. I think I was searching for a Phil Wickham song and I happened to glance down at the “other listeners also bought” list that iTunes conveniently provides in hopes that you’ll lose track of your life and get sucked into discovering new music and buying it all! That is exactly what happened to me last night.

I found All Sons & Daughters, and I am in love.

I have been searching for something like this for a long time. I love the folky, indie groups who no one knows about, but I could never find that with Christian music. I felt like I was limited to either old Southern gospel (which is fine) or something like Chris Tomlin, which gets old and annoying really fast.

All Sons & Daughters is NOTHING like that. They almost remind me of The Civil Wars, only Christian (which is kind of funny since Joy Williams, the female part in The Civil Wars, used to be my favorite Christian singer).  I will leave you with a video of All the Poor and Powerless – a beautiful song with a beautiful message, in my opinion. My favorite, so far, by them is Spirit Speaks..oh and Wake Up…and Alive. Oh crap nuggets, I love all of their songs.

Time to get ready for church! Enjoy your Sunday!!

5 thoughts on “I am in love..again

  1. Beautiful song indeed. See if you like Chris Sligh. His “Broken (Beautiful)” song is pretty darn good. Check out “Broken World” by Across the Sky as well. You might like that song.

  2. Hey Ram! Just checked them out, and I looovvvveeee them, too! So far my favorite is Wake Up 🙂 Did you get my text messgae? Can’t wait to see you and little Miles! Come on Sept. 9th!!!!

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