Yoga Playlist

I love music. I listen to it all day long with everything I do. Whether I’m hanging out on the couch with Miles or cleaning the house, I have music playing. Yoga is no different! I have a playlist I like to use. It runs a little under an hour, which is perfect timing for me since I usually don’t have much more time than that.

I like to start out strong with the song Wake Up by Arcade Fire.  It gets me going and starts my breathing out strong. Then I move into Myth by Beach House. Keeps the pace going while still sounding nice and calm. Then Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National. I listen to this while I’m doing my warrior poses. After that song, I slow it down with Fade Into You by Mazzy Star then We Don’t Eat by James Vincent McMorrow. These songs are normally playing when I’m doing my balancing poses. Then there’s Video Games by the lovely Lana Del Rey, Holocene by Bon Iver, and Transatlanticism by Death Cab. I like to listen to these through my back bends, floor poses and such. After that, I start to set myself up for Savasana (corpse pose) with The Moon by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova. Now, I guess most people don’t listen to music during Savasana, but I just can’t help myself. I like to take the whole (almost) 7 minutes of Sigur Ros’ Track 4 and just sink into my mat. It really helps me to get more into this pose, but I guess I really need to work for no music on that one.

Anyway, just thought I’d share in case anyone needs a change in their yoga playlists. Like I said, it runs about 54 minutes. I have been working on my forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana) and let me tell you if you dont’ know…this is a challenging pose. I thought it would be pretty easy, but finding that balance to take my feet away from the wall…that will require a lot more practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day…

I found this video by Kimberly Snyder to be pretty helpful. Enjoy!

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