Miles’ first few weeks

So the blog has definitely taken a backseat, along with many other activities that used to fit into my daily life. I have spent the last 2 weeks trying to figure my life out, how I’m going to do things from now on, and rearranging my priorities. So far, I’ve got Miles first, then school work, then the rest is kind of jumbled in there, including sleep and nourishment. Anyway, back to Miles first week!

Okay, so he was born on January 4th, so we were set to leave the hospital on Friday the 6th, right? WRONG. At the midnight vital check that night, the nurse informed me that Miles’ respirations were in the 90’s when they were supposed to be in the 30’s. He was breathing way too fast and his oxygen level was in the 70’s when it was supposed to be above 96, so the Dr. told me the next day that he had aspiration pneumonia from inhaling the meconium. They put him on antibiotics for 48 hours, through an IV in his tiny baby hand (broke my heart). So Saturday was the day I was set to come home now..wrong again. Sarah got in on Saturday morning, but there were still spots on Miles’ lungs, so the Dr. wanted to do one more day of antibiotics to see if he’d improve. On Sunday morning I was patiently waiting for the Dr. to come in and release me and Miles to finally go home, but as soon as I saw her face I knew she was bringing me bad news. She told me we’d have to do 7 days of antibiotics, which meant that I would not be taking my baby home until Thursday morning, a whole week and a day after he had been born! I cried and cried that whole day. I was upset that Miles had to keep getting IV treatments, and that we had to stay in that hospital for 7 whole days, and that Sarah was there to visit but she’d have to spend her whole visit with us in the hospital (which she totally didn’t mind at all..that made things a lot better). During the hospital stay, Miles’ weight kept dropping, and it was normal for a while, but then I noticed that he was tired a lot more than babies should be..he slept almost all day and was pretty lethargic when he was awake. He was feeding, but for some reason, he wasn’t gaining weight. When we left the hospital, he was down to 6lbs 6oz, a whole pound and 2 oz. lighter than he was at birth. Nobody seemed concerned, so I wasn’t either.

The next day was his one week check-up. At first, we were really disappointed that we had to come back to the hospital that we’d just spend over a week in, but looking back, I am so thankful that it was scheduled for the day after. When we went in, he had a temperature of 95.5 and weighed 6lbs, 2oz. They talked about admitting him again, which brought more tears from me. My mom was coming in that night and the last thing I wanted to do was spend another night in that hospital, but I’d do whatever was best for Miles. He got his temperature up so we didn’t have to stay, thank God, but we were told to stop with the breast feeding and give him formula for the next few days. I was so sad to hear that I’d have to stop feeding my baby myself and I’d have to start giving him formula. Apparently he was just burning too many calories at the breast and it was using too much of what little energy he had left. So we started the formula and he started gaining weight. He’s been gaining weight every day so far and about a week ago the dr. gave me the okay to start breast feeding again. So now I am breast feeding while supplementing with formula. It’s been pretty hard since he’s used to the bottle now. Some days I really feel like giving up and just giving him formula exclusively. No offense to any mother who has done that, everyone has their reasons. I just want what is best for Miles and I know I can at least breast feed part time, and that is better than no breast milk at all. It is really tough, though, and my supply is pretty low because I’ve had to supplement with formula. I am thinking Miles and I are going to take a “nursing vacation” soon to try to get back on the right track.

So that is how things have gone so far. I’ve learned to not set my heart on on things that I really can’t control, like labor (haha) and that the most important thing is that I have a happy, healthy baby. Birth plans are nice to look at, but they are a joke. You can’t make something like that go your way. Just a thought for any expectant mothers who may be reading this. Anyway, it’s 11pm and I’m going to bed..NOT! That was a funny joke…going to bed…haha. No, I’m going to feed my hungry hippo. I promise to post pictures soon! Night!

2 thoughts on “Miles’ first few weeks

  1. Ha. Hungry hippo. I miss seeing him over Skype! I’ll try to call this weekend. I’ve been crazy busy with work, and they just gave me 33 more days! So I’ll be working all through February and into March. Ugh, school is getting behind!

  2. Thanks for the update:) even though i haven’t got to meet Miles in person, with your blogs, it makes me feel like I’m a part of his little life:)

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