Welcome, Baby Milo!

My son was finally born! January 4th was the big day.  I went in to the hospital at 9am for a scheduled induction, disappointed because I really wanted a natural, unmedicated birth, and low and behold as soon as they put the fetal monitors on me labor contractions started all on their own! They were pretty mild for about 2 hours, then his heart rate started dropping in the 40’s, so they told me they had to start IV fluids on me because that was standard procedure when there are decelerations in baby’s heart rate.  As they were giving me my IV (they stuck me 7 times then finally had to call the anesthesiologist who got it in one poke, TWSS) my water broke, and we were informed that there was meconium in the water. I guess Miles just couldn’t hold it. After another hour, they were not happy with my weak-sauce contractions that were not doing anything to change my cervix, so they told me they were going to start pitocin.  At this point, I was still hoping for a pain medication-free birth, and I continued to labor through the very painful contractions (that were back-to-back, by the way) for another 3 or 4 hours, when I completely caved and begged for the epidural.  The contractions were so painful, and as the epidural was being administered I had three but managed to stay completely still. It was a miracle.  After I got the epidural, I was the happiest laboring woman in the world, and I managed to dilate to 9cm within the next two hours! Pushing lasted for about 15 minutes when Miles’ heart rate started dropping again, so the Dr. whipped out the salad tongs and came to the rescue! Miles was born at 10:54pm with a head full of white hair, just like his daddy had.

Back-to-back 90 second contractions, thanks to the pitocin. Ouch.


After the epidural...


My beautiful baby boy, Miles Robert.


Thanks to Mandi for capturing these amazing first moments of Miles' life!


Daddy and Miles. Sam was such a baby hog, still is.


My next post will cover the first week of his life, since we spent that in the hospital. =( Happy MLK, jr. day!!!

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Baby Milo!

  1. I love it… thanks for keeping everyone updated… you and Sam are such good parents:) cant wait to meet him:) love you guys, give baby miles a kiss for me:)

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