Sewing Room

I finally got my sewing room put together! I did it all by myself, too!

I turned the small loft in our guest bedroom into my very own sewing space.

The only problem is…

Kit is afraid to come up, so he sits down by the door and cries until I come back down. He’ll be okay though. I worked a little on the quilt that I started a month or two ago. I’m almost done with the quilting part, so hopefully I have a usable blanket soon!

I have a little less than half to finish.

The sun came out today so I spent most of it on my bedroom balcony, scrubbing the floor and weeding the little flower beds. Me and my friend Beau took a nice trip to Makeman (it’s like a Japanese Lowes) to get some gardening supplies. It was a great day! Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good so I can finish planting plants and move on the to other balcony and then my yard. That’s all for today..Night!

2 thoughts on “Sewing Room

  1. aww:( i don’t have a room for sewing. my sewing machine is in the corner by the tv in the living room. and i don’t really have any other place to put it. i might take it upstairs to the spare bedroom soon, but it is heavy!! and i am weak. haha.

  2. Hahahaha that’s funny Stephanie. I like the thought of a sewing room…and sewing but I just don’t have the patience to learn. If Armageden ever comes and we need clothes made I will have to rely on you all and my mom 🙂

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