My *Present* Balcony Garden

Well, it doesn’t exactly look like I said it would here, but at least I finally have plants that look like they will be producing fruits and vegetables soon!

Starting with the closest: bell peppers, strawberry, two beefsteak tomatoes, and one cherry tomato.

Cilantro. I really hope this one survives!








Two more tomato plants

























I wanted to add a little color to the balcony so I picked up one of these New Guinea Impatiens.








Yay! I'm almost done with this balcony!










I just have to clean out this flower bed and then I will be able to move on to the next balcony. I have no clue what to do with it.

Who would plant these? I hate shrubs, or whatever they are. I think I will plant my garlic and onions here after I pull these ugly things up.

What am I going to do with you?! I think it's time for an outdoor furniture purchase...Sam!









Of course I had to include a picture of my handsome puppy, who faithfully and patiently stood by my side all morning waiting to go back inside.

He's such a good poser.













Almost time to start dinner. Have a great day, everyone!

7 thoughts on “My *Present* Balcony Garden

  1. wow!!! i wish i had a balcony, or two!!!! I don’t even have usable dirt outside to grow things in. i know, because i have tried. all i have is my bonsai tree. i will have to go to a garden store and get some things for inside the house.

    • I bet the soil is fine. You just need to mix it with something. I mixed mine with Miracle Gro – Organic potting soil. You could grow some herbs inside and put them on your window seal. Just research the ones that don’t need tons of sunlight!

  2. Aww I like your garden Amber and just thinking of all those spices makes me hungry! And your little flower is so pretty and bright.
    Oh and Stephanie, I wish I had a bonsai tree! My grandma had one in her year and I loved it.

  3. Hahaha that was supposed to be “my grandma had one in her yard” my previous comment makes it sound like she only had one good year and then…

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