A photo tribute to Wallace Edward Wright (aka Wall-e Bear)

I am having trouble beginning this post…I guess I’ll just get to the point. My first dog, (first meaning the first dog I ever owned by myself) Wall-e, has to be put down because he attacked my Kitsune, Robert, my father-in-law, and Sam’s Aunt Donna. It came to a surprise to all of us since Wall-e is such a shy and sensitive dog. Last Saturday though, I guess something just snapped in his head and he attacked my little shiba inu and tried to kill him. He did that two or three more times before Monday came. On Monday, Donna was over showing Robert a picture she found, Kit was walking around the house, making sure to stay away from Wall-e, and Wall-e was on the leash held by Robert. I’m not sure what happened, but Wall-e got close enough to Kit to grab his neck and attack. Of course, we all jumped in, as stupid as it may sound to some, but Kit is a small dog and Wall-e would surely have killed him had we not stepped in. Somehow in the midst of all the chaos, Wall-e turned on Robert and attacked him, splitting his thumb bone in two, causing him to have to have surgery, and then Wall-e turned and attacked Donna also. Both of them took a trip to the emergency room, as did Kit. It was a nightmare. The kitchen was covered in spatters of blood all over the floor, chairs and walls. And to top it off, Debbie, my mother-in-law, was on the phone that Robert had dropped on the floor, and heard the whole thing.

I guess we all decided that it was safest for all of us that Wall-e be put down. It breaks my heart. I mean, just a week ago today, he was normal, happy, slept with me and Kit every night…Then he just flipped out! We think it may be a brain tumor, or at least we think it is possible and that possibility gives me a little peace of mind, but not much. On one hand, after witnessing Wall-e’s vicious attacks on Kit, Robert and Donna I totally agree that he should be put down and I was even a (very teeny) tiny bit scared that he would do the same to Spanky, Jojo or one of us, but on the other hand I just want to believe that he just really hates Kit and Kit’s presence in the house is the only problem we have and it can easily be solved by me and Kit leaving the house, and everything would go back to normal when that happened and Wall-e would be the awesome, sweet, lovable, cross-eyed dog that we alway poke fun at because of his big stupid lip and silly underbite. It was just too aberrant, too abrupt, the change in his behavior. Wall-e has never acted that way before, it was completely out of the ordinary and completely sudden.

Anyway, he’s in a rescue shelter until Thursday when he will be put down. It hurts my heart so bad that he has to spend his last week away from his home and his best friend, Spanky, and us. It seems like these days are passing by so slow. I can feel every second of every day and I just wish Thursday would hurry up and get here. Sam and I were talking last night and he mentioned that this was one of those times in life where you wonder why certain, unfortunate things have to happen, and then you are just forced to deal with whatever it is…even though it seems so senseless. Anyway, I know it’s not the worse tragedy the world has seen, and certainly not the worse thing happening right now, but it’s just weighing on my mind today.

Even though it makes me cry to look at photos of Wall-e, here are a few:

Wall-e and Spanky resting in between wrestling around. See his silly lip and teeth?

His little smushy face.

Sam and Wall-e.

My favorite picture, ever, of Wall-e!

Mommy, Daddy, and Wall-e Bear

Funny Photo booth picture of Wall-e

Me and Wall-e

2 thoughts on “A photo tribute to Wallace Edward Wright (aka Wall-e Bear)

  1. Amber, I am so sorry, You know how afraid I was after monday. But my heart does break for that shy scaredy-cat dog that came months ago. He had finally came out of his shell, he had finally began to run right up to me and want to be petted and loved, I had finally earned his trust, I considered that an honor. Honestly…. I still do 🙂 We just don’t know what happened to him before he came here, or right before he left. His funny little face will always have a place in our hearts ❤

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