I Felted Something!

Felting used to be an intimidating and mysterious concept to me. After all, it is kind of like making a piece of fabric. It’s pretty cool, actually. I just used wool yarn to crochet a circle, and then put it in some hot water for a little while and spun it around and “agitated” it, and 10 minutes later, it was a completely different piece of fabric. Here’s what it looked like after I was finished:

I should have taken a “before” picture, but I was too excited when I finished crocheting that I ran straight to the sink to start the felting process. I guess most people use a washing machine to felt things, but we have a front loader and are unable to stop a load mid-cycle. I felted one bigger circle and one coaster-sized circle, so I guess I can use the bigger one as trivet or something. It is thick enough. Anyway, I’m excited that I now know how to do something different!

Okay, so today’s Japanese words of the day are: abekku and the Japanese word for abbreviate, which is shoryaku. Abekku means a couple, as in a couple on a date. These are words that I may actually use!

Welp, I need to get ready to go spend some QT with my sisters and step-mother. Later, gators.

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