I was lazy today…

…plain and simple. I didn’t get out of bed until 9am, which is really late for me.  I normally get up with Sam at 6:30am.  Then when I woke up, I planned on writing at least one of the 3 papers that I need to write, but instead, I decided to watch the beginning of season 4 of The Shield.  Next thing I knew, it was 2pm.

I start a new class tomorrow: Religion – Defending the Christian Faith.  I’m excited! I really hope they cover ways to shoo Mormons and Jehovah Witness’ away.  Any day now, and I’m going to get one at my door.  They are actually here in Okinawa! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the nerd-shirts and bicycles!  But yeah, hopefully this class will give me something else to say besides “go away” or “I’m a Christian”.  I said that once, a couple of years ago when they came around and you know what he said back to me? “Oh, I’m a Christian too, here is a picture of our big Mormon temple in Salt Lake City!”.  I’ll never know what that had to do with the price of eggs in China.  Did he think I was going to look at the picture, start jumping up and down and shout “Holy…Wow! I wanna go! When can I go?! I want to be a mormon! Where do I sign?!!”  Mormons…I have to commend them though; they are passionate about their faith and ready to spread their version of the “good news”.  To bad Joseph Smith had to ruin it for them because he wasn’t happy with the regular version.

Back to my laziness…I finally got off of the couch and took Kit for a run, then wrote one of those 3 papers that are due by 1pm tomorrow.  I feel a little better about today now! I think I will try to crochet a blanket and read a book. I may just finish season 4 of The Shield.  This post is useless.

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