Needing a jump-start

So how come I woke up at 6:45 and am still sitting in bed at 10:35 am? I have so much to do today: homework for my anthropology and fine arts classes, workout so I can have a hot body to ensure my husband doesn’t leave me for another woman, walk my dog so he can poop (he paces the house, gets irritable, and sweats profusely from his paws if he doesn’t,which is similar to the behavior my husband exhibits as well when he is in the same situation), help a fellow wife get ready for her son’s birthday party tomorrow, figure out what I am going to do to keep my husband entertained on this Friday night so he doesn’t drag me to the Doghouse (the bar where all of the EOD Marines hang out on this island), and…oh! I need to wash my sheets today too.  First, I have a slightly embarrassing story:  We have construction going on in front of our house so there are always Japanese construction workers right outside. Also, there is this group of 15-17 year old Japanese kids that hang out outside of our gate.  They always yell things at me in Japanese and laugh. Anyway, my driveway is very narrow, about 6 feet wide with concrete walls on each side (everything is unreasonably small in Japan…and I mean everything).  I was pulling out of my narrow driveway yesterday and accidently hit the concrete wall.  The construction workers and Japanese kids were all staring at me, so in an attempt to make myself look like I had a reason for hitting the wall, I quickly backed out of my driveway and peeled out in the road to make it look like I was in a huge hurry (I’m not sure how this would make me look smarter, but it was the first thing that came to mind, so I went with it).  I actually had to stop for about 30 seconds and wait for the construction workers to get done with something. My front bumper was hanging off and the Japanese kids were laughing, and the workers were staring. When they were done I peeled off around the corner to make it look like I was still in a hurry.  I just needed to bring my husband his lunch. When I got back, they were all still there. It was embarrassing to me!

Welp, I need to get my day started.

5 thoughts on “Needing a jump-start

  1. BAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That was soooo funny Amber and it sounds like something i would do exactly! What is it in us that makes ud think we have to cover up every little mistake that we do. But i have to say…GREAT cover up! lol i wish i could have see their faces when you got back. Can’t wait to read more!

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