Hope springs eternal

Yesterday afternoon, as we were winding Milo down for bed time, Sam and I found ourselves watching a movie we normally wouldn’t watch: Hope Springs.  When I heard the title, I couldn’t help but to be annoyed they they forgot the word “eternal”. That is the quote after all, “hope springs eternal”, which means that you believe that even out of the darkest and most impossible circumstances, there is hope.  Being that this movie is about marriage, I think “eternal” should not have been left out, but that’s just my outlook on marriage.

The movie centers around a middle-aged married couple who have grown so distant that they sleep in separate rooms and have lost all physical closeness with each other. This got me thinking of some of my friends who are in their early years of marriage and are having trouble. Unfortunately, I can think of 5 couples, right off the bat, who have either given up and are going through with a divorce or who are going through some difficult times with each other and are trying to decide whether to push through or give up.

This breaks my heart, and it should break yours too.

I understand the roots of the problems with marriage run far deeper than I can get into today, so I won’t even go down that road. I mainly wanted to share this quote that Dr. Fields (Steve Carell’s character) said that really resonated with me, so much that it brought tears to my eyes (which is not something that happens often with movies..books, maybe…).  Anyway, my hope is that it will stay with anyone who may be going through one of the difficult times that are inevitable during the course of a marriage.

“Even great marriages have terrible years – so bad that you’re just tempted to give up. But don’t. Hold on. There will come a time when you’ll look back on this moment as the prelude to something fuller and richer than you’ve ever experienced.”

Normally, I am annoyed with the way Hollywood portrays marriage, but I think they did a wonderful job with this movie and I think it’s a great example for all couples going through difficult times, whether it be loss of communication, unfulfilled expectations, or even infidelity.

Don’t give up. When God is in control, hope springs eternal.

2 thoughts on “Hope springs eternal

  1. My wife and I have been married almost 42 years now, and just watched this movie ourselves. That is a great quote about the need for endurance in marriage. And yes, hope springs eternal, and love is eternal. Thanks, well done blog.

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