Learning to Knit: Knit Kits!

I have been aching to learn how to knit for Lord only knows how long now! I know there are a ton of free tutorials and videos all over Internet-land, and I’ve looked at a few, but I’m seriously considering investing some $$ into one of these awesome Craftsy classes. That, or take a night off from being mom, head to the local Chilis for a fruity drink, then hop on over to Joann’s for one of their knitting classes. I know what you’re thinking…”Whoa there, little lady!”

Really though, I’ve been super inspired by these little knitting kits I keep seeing on Pinterest and Etsy, so I thought I would share them here with you lovely people!

1. Oyster Gray Kit from Purl Soho – $62.00

Purl Soho

Purl Soho

2. Sleepy Owl Starter Knitting Kit from LittleKnitKitCo – $33.71



3. Hat and Hand Warmers for Beginners from Purl Soho – $62.00

Purl Soho

Purl Soho

Okay, so I only found 3, but that’s enough to keep the fire lit for wanting to learn how to knit! Hey, they rhymed! It’s also given me a great idea to do a crochet kit. That may be my next project on Me + Three!

Do you knit? If so, how did you learn? I always get excited when people say, “YouTube videos!” Gives me hope that I, too, can learn how to knit from those videos!

Crocheting for a Cause! {Preemie Hat Pattern}

I recently found out, from a fellow USMC wife on Facebook, about the Sunset Crochet’s Annual Christmas Charity.  This is such an awesome and easy way to give this holiday season if you know how to crochet. The challenge is to crochet 12 preemie hats over the 12 days of Christmas and donate them to your local NICU.  Last year, over 20,000 hats were donated to NICU’s around the US! That’s amazing, right?

Sunset Crochet 3rd Annual Christmas Challenge

Photo Credit: Sunset Crochet

I wanted to get started right away on this, but I don’t have much knowledge about how big or small a preemie hat should be. Lucky for me, there are plenty of size charts available on the internet, like this one that I used.  I know there are already plenty of adorable hat patterns out there {you even get 13 of them free when you commit to this challenge!}, but I wanted to come up with something of my own that was okay for both boys and girls.

I’m loving the puff stitch lately, along with the reverse single crochet edging technique that I recently learned, so I combined the two and made this!

Crochet Preemie Hat Pattern

I realize that this is crochet and it’s kind of hard to come up with my very own pattern since so many already exists, but I couldn’t find any quite like this, so as far as I’m concerned, this is a pattern that I came up on my own with inspiration from previous patterns. I just switched the stitches out for my preferred ones. Now get to crocheting those preemie hats! These seriously only take about 15 minutes to make.

Preemie Hat Pattern

Puff Stitch Preemie Hat (1-2lbs)


H hook (5.00mm)

Favorite baby yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice)

Chain (ch) 3. Join in first ch with slip stitch (sl st)

R1: Ch 1.(does not count as sc) 10 single crochets (sc) in loop. Join with sl st in first stitch.

R2: Ch 1. 2 sc in each stitch around (20 stitches). Join with sl st in first stitch.

R3: Ch 1. 2 sc in first stitch, 1 sc in next stitch. Repeat around. (30 stitches). Join with sl st in first stitch.

R4: Ch 1. Sc in each stitch around (30 stitches). Join with sl st in first stitch.

R5: Ch 2. Puff stitch (see below) in 2nd sc from hook. Skip 1 SC and puff stitch in next sc. Repeat patter around. (15 puff stitches). Join with sl st in top of ch. 2.

R6: Ch 2. Puff stitch in first space after chain 2, then puff stitch in between every puff stitch from the previous row. (15 puff stitches). Join with sl st in top of ch. 2.

R7 – 9: Ch 2. Puff stitch in each space between puff stitches of previous row for a total of 15 puff stitches in each row. Join with sl st in top of ch. 2.

R10 (edging starts). Ch 1. Sc in each stitch (spaces and top of puff stitches). (30 stitches). Join with sl st in first sc.

R11: Reverse sc all the way around. End with sl st in first stitch of row. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Puff Stitch Preemie Hat (3-5lbs)

Ch 3. Join in first chain with sl st.

R1: Ch 1. 10 sc in loop. Join with sl st in 1st sc.

R2: Ch 1. 2 sc in each sc. (20 stitches). Join with sl st in 1st sc.

R3: Ch 1. 2 sc in first sc, then 1 sc in next. Repeat pattern all the way around. (30 stitches). Join with sl st in 1st sc.

R4: Ch 1. 2 sc in first sc, then 1 sc in next two stitches. (40 stitches). Join with sl st in 1st sc.

R5: Ch 1. Sc in each stitch around (40 stitches). Join with sl st in first sc.

R6: Ch 2. Puff stitch in 2nd sc from hook and every other stitch around (20 puff stitches).

R7-10: Ch 2. Puff stitch in spaces between previous row (20 puff stitches in each row).

R11: Ch 1. Sc in each stitch around, spaces and top of puff stitches.

R12: Ch 2. Reverse sc in each stitch around. Join with sl st, fasten off, and weave in ends.

Puff Stitch Instructions:

*Yarn over. Insert hook into next stitch. Yarn over. Pull back through stitch (3 loops on hook). Repeat from {*} two more times (7 loops on hook). Yarn over once more and pull loop through all loops on hook. Chain one. This counts as one puff stitch.

Crochet Preemie Hat Pattern

Look how tiny the 1-2lb hat is!

Have a happy Thanksgiving to all who observe the holiday and eat tons and tons of yummy food!

Afghan for my baby girl

This week marks the halfway point in my pregnancy. I can’t believe that I will have another child in less than 21 weeks! I have already started on an afghan for her crib and I plan on doing all of her bedding, too!


I am just doing a simple sunburst granny square flower and sewing them together as I make each square (the method is actually called “join as you go”).


You can find the sunburst pattern here. I stopped at row 3 for the sunbursts then used rows 4 and 5 to square it off.


I still have tons of squares to crochet, then I will go back and weave the loose ends in. I’m super excited to be able to use girly colors now! Have a great Thursday, all!

For Annabelle

My baby sister, Stephanie, is about 7 months pregnant with my first niece, who will be called Annabelle.  I am so excited! I think she is going to look just like my sister with thick, dark brown, curly hair, and giant brown puppy dog eyes. I will not be surprised if she also passes her stubborn attitude to Annabelle.

Well, her hair isn’t really curly anymore, but it was when she was a baby. There is no way Annabelle is getting away from these features.

I wanted to make something special for Annabelle. When my sister and I were little, our favorite blankets were the afghans that my Grandma Richardson made for us one year. Mine was long and had all the colors of the rainbow, and Stephy’s was a huge granny square, colored with pastel yellows, greens, and white.  We slept with them every night and kept them until they literally unraveling.  Anyway, I decided to make Annabelle an afghan since I loved mine so much as a little girl.

I used 3 strands of Vanna’s Choice yarn (weight category: 4) with a Q sized hook.

I started out with 61 chain stitches and did a simple single crochet throughout the whole blanket.

I finished it off by taking one of the colors and doing a simple single crochet border around the blanket just to give it a little bit of contrast. It is about 36 inches long and 28 inches wide.  It’s a pretty heavy afghan, but that’s okay since Stephy lives in England. I think it gets pretty cold there.

Have a wonderful Sunday-Funday!

The single crochet: simple yet wonderful

Ah, the single crochet. My favorite crochet stitch. Not only is it the most basic stitch, it is also the easiest, well, besides the chain stitch.

I love how a piece looks when it’s mostly single crocheted. It’s nice and tight and I think it looks really neat and clean, too.  I can also do this stitch at light-speed, so pieces are done in a jiffy!

This lightweight cowl only took me a few days to complete, and that is with an infant and completing a book!

I used the Calm Cowl pattern that I found on Ravelry and altered it slightly for a cowl that is still warm but tighter around the neck. I also added a few more rows of double crochets.

For this cowl I used A Pound of Love yarn by Lion Brand and a J sized hook. Happy Wednesday!