Baby Shower Weekend

I had my Kentucky baby shower yesterday.  I say Kentucky because I believe my Okinawa friend, Mandi, wants to throw me a baby shower too. So that one will be called my Okinawa baby shower. Anyway, it went pretty good.  Miles got some adorable outfits, a hooded towel and some other baby stuff that I will never be able to part with so I will just pack it all up in a box and put in the attic and go up there once a year to get Christmas decorations down and “stumble upon” the box and cry because I miss the days when Miles was a sweet little baby. Wow. Sorry about that. Anyway, I also got a Maya ring sling from my friend Alisha. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to tote Miles around in it. I am going to look like an African mother goddess and Miles will be my…nevermind, that won’t work. I also got tons of gift cards which is awesome except I cannot, for the life of me, decide what to buy with them! I have no clue what I need for baby! I am cloth diapering, so I have bought a few of those, but I only need 20 or so.  I am breast feeding so I really don’t need but 3 or 4 bottles and some milk storage bags or pods. I am not doing the pacifier thing, because I see no need for it. It tricks baby into thinking he’s not hungry, which is not good and the simple fact of the matter is, if baby wants to suck on something, most of the time, baby is hungry! Anyway, I got a jogger and an infant car seat from Robert and Debbie, so that’s covered.  I will get my crib and pack-n-play when I get to Okinawa. Other than those things, I am clueless.  Any suggestions, anyone?

So Julie and Julia is on and that is really what reminded me to blog today.  I think this movie is slowly inspiring me to cook my way through some cook book that I haven’t found yet.  I am not sure if I could do it with Miles coming along in a few months and the full-time student thing and house wife job kind of take up a lot of time, too.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll come back to the idea.

Speaking of school, I have a quiz that I need to take tonight, but I am so tired…too tired to read. Then True Blood will come on in 2 hours and I will suddenly be so wide awake. Oh Eric, you’re so cute when you’re clueless and under that witch’s spell. Well, it is time to sign off for the night. I must find the motivation to finish this week’s reading and do that darn quiz. Here are a few pictures from the baby shower.

My best friend, Sarah, cooling herself with a handmade owl fan.

Billy Balls (craspedia) and owl fans

My best friend from high school - Rash Pash T Rout, also known as Ashley.