Tuesday’s Tune {Bloodstream}

This song has been around for a pretty good while, but I wanted to share it here since I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.

Bloodstream by Stateless

Enjoy your Tuesday! Oh, and don’t forget about the giveaway I have going on! Today and tomorrow are the last days to enter to win 3 handmade wash/dishcloths!


Tuesday’s Tune: Beautiful Things

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I was able to plant some flowers in our front and back yards and we spent the rest of the day outside, playing in Milo’s little pool.

So this song isn’t new or anything, but I feel that it really applies to my life at this point in time. It is helping to give me hope for a situation that looks pretty grim.

Beautiful Things by Gungor

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

Tuesday’s Tune: Don’t You Give Up On Me

This band…I love them. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that the band name has my sons name in it, although that is pretty cool. I love their whole album (Milo Greene), but this song specifically is hitting close to home for me this week. Take a listen!

Don’t You Give Up On Me by Milo Greene

Enjoy your Tuesday…you only get one this week!

Tuesday’s Tune: There’s No Leaving Now {and cupcakes}

My Pandora station has been set on The Tallest Man on Earth for two weeks now. I can’t get enough of his voice! Listen to it and let it change your life!! Haha, okay so maybe it’s not that profound, but it’s still pretty darn amazing.

Oh and HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to my blog! To celebrate 3 years of intermittent posting of the random things that happen in my life I made these delicious, cream filled, chocolate, ganache-topped cupcakes! The recipe belongs to The Pioneer Woman. It’s kind of a big process to make these bad boys, but they are so worth it.



This one didn't have as much cream as the others, but I had already had two, and I just couldn't justify having 4 cupcakes in one day.

This one didn’t have as much cream as the others, but I had already had two, and I just couldn’t justify having 4 cupcakes in one day.


Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!

Tuesday’s Tune: You’re the Best Song…

I still rock and sing my 33lb, 19 month old baby boy to sleep every night. I love it. I love that time we have together. I love singing him old hymns that I grew up with in church, that he probably won’t hear in church. I have a list that I go through, but he’s normally asleep by the end of song #1. I think I normally start out with “Be Still My Soul”, then “His Eye is on the Sparrow”, then “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”, and sometimes I make it to “In the Garden”.

It is my favorite part of the day. I will miss it so much when he decides he’s too big to be rocked and sang to sleep.

I heard this song about a year ago, and knew I had to add it to my list of lullabies. The second and third verses always get me, and they will get you too if you’re a Christian parent.

You’re the Best Song I’ll Ever Write by Bethany Dillon

…and I’m kind of sad I couldn’t find a great video, but the only other one cut off the 3rd verse. The only lyric you miss at the beginning is “Good morning, you and the sun are up before I’m ready. Well, ready or not. You need me. So here I am.”

Who doesn’t love a great Elvis cover?

Department of Eagles – Love me (Elvis, duh!)

I have had this song stuck in my head all day. Every time I hear it, I just want to grab an umbrella or a cane or some sort of long walking stick and do a little burlesque dance. I know my time periods are a little off, but that is what it makes me think of! If you are envisioning this event you better be Sam..and don’t forget that I have a baby belly! Sicko.