Hospital Bag

I think I am pretty much ready to go to the hospital should we need to leave the house in a mad rush! I doubt it will happen like that, but it’s always nice to be prepared, right?


I know I have everything I need for Miles Bear, and I have almost everything I need for myself, minus a few things that I cannot pack at the moment because I use them daily.  Sam is just going to have to fend for himself and make sure he packs his own bag.  I don’t intend on having him stay the night there, though, because he will not be able to sleep in that recliner and because we need someone to tend to poor Kitsune! I trust all of my friends, but I just can’t take the chance on one of them keeping him and him running away from them. As far as I know, I don’t have any friends who have a dog like mine who requires 2 walks a day, supervision while playing out in a fenced-in yard, and sleepy-cuddle time at night.  It would be too much on any normal person and  it would take me about 127 years to forgive them if something should happen to Kit while in their care.

Back to the hospital bag.  I will probably throw in some crackers to munch on while in labor.  I know what many of you are thinking, especially the ones who have delivered at Lester and know everything about everything, “You’re not allowed to eat during labor!” Blah, blah blah.  Lemme tell you right now, that is a rule I intend on breaking.  IF I happen to need a C-section, and IF they happen to need to put me out for it (both scenarios are unlikely, by the way) and IF while I’m out I vomit, then I will drown anyway because if my stomach does not have food in it then I will be throwing up bile which is still stuff.  Anyway, all the medical research says that there are only disadvantages to keeping a laboring women from eating when she is hungry, so if they have a problamo with it then I will take my crackers to the bathroom and eat them in private. I mean GEEZE, I’m going to be pushing a human baby out of my love muffin, give me some nourishment! Oh, I am also going to be taking my camera, duh, it was just in my hand so it could not be in the photo.  Okay, I think that is it for now.  If any of you lovely ladies know of anything else I should bring, please let me know! I have a list that was printed off of some website, so I think it has everything.  Have a nice day, everyone!