Last day to enter November’s giveaway!

Hi loves! Sorry I have been away this whole week. Seems like life had other plans than for me to diligently post every morning, like I normally would. The giveaway is still open until midnight! The winner will be selected and announced tomorrow morning, so come back to see if you’re the lucky winner! Also, I have an awesome DIY Christmas stocking project coming up! Still tweaking the design, but it should be up soon.

Have a wonderful Thursday and come back tomorrow to see who will win the handmade Christmas wreath from Alicia Rose Crafty Creations and a $25 Etsy gift card!

November Etsy Giveaway

I had to make a quick trip to the grocery the other day to get just one thing for my cinnamon garland craft when I ran smack-dab into a huge display of Royal Dansk Butter Cookies. My first thought was those evil shelf-stockers, putting this beautiful display of holiday butter cookies right in the middle of the aisle, ensuring that I’ll run right into it and not be able to resist the adorable little tin decorated with snowmen and Christmas trees. My second thought was I’m pregnant. What the heck. And into the cart that little tin went!

Royal Dansk Cookies

Now, it’s important that I share with you my order of preference with the diagram below, 1 being the best-ever cookie and 4 being the worst-in-the-tin-but-still-good cookie.

Royal Dansk Cookies Ranked

I have been giving all of the #4’s to Milo. He seems to enjoy them as much as I enjoy the #1’s. Win-win.

On to the giveaway! This month, I am showing some more familial love and giving away a beautiful, handmade Christmas wreath from my Step-mother’s Etsy shop, AliciaRose Crafty Creations, along with a $25 Etsy gift card!

AR Crafty Creations Giveaway

My step-mom, Deanna, does custom order quilts, table runners, afghans, etc…She does it all. I always get super inspired and excited when I go to my dad’s house because she has this big room with, like, 4 sewing machines, a huge wall of yarn and fabric, and all sorts of crafty things. The Christmas wreath I’m giving away is perfect for a small kitchen window or door. I wish I had a small kitchen window, but then I wouldn’t be running this giveaway because the wreath would be in my window. Haha. My favorite thing about this wreath is that it smells like Christmas! The cinnamon sticks are real and they smell amazing.

AR Crafty Creations Giveaway2

To enter the giveaway to win the wreath from AliciaRose Crafty Creations and a $25 Etsy gift card, simply follow my blog via email or bloglovin’ and leave a comment below letting me know you’d like to enter the giveaway.  I’m also offering a bonus entry for anyone who “likes” AliciaRose Crafty Creation’s facebook page. Leave a comment letting me know you did that as well!

**Giveaway open from 11/15/13 – 11/21/13. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on 11/22/13. Open to UK & Canada {Etsy gift card only}, and US residents.  

Winner of MilkNMore Goat’s Milk Soap Giveaway!

Alright, faithful readers! It’s time to announce the winner of these lovely, handmade goat’s milk soap bars from MilkNmore!

MilkNMore Soap


**The winner was selected using a random number generator and has 48 hours to claim prize. If winner has not claimed prize by 7am PST on 11/3, then he/she forfeits prize and it goes to 2nd in line**

And the lucky winner is…..

Melissa Sparks!

{Melissa, if you could contact me via the “contact” tab on the top menu for your shipping info}

MilkNmore has a new option to buy 4 bars of soap for $25 with free shipping! That’s a great deal for these handmade bars of soap. They would make a wonderful Christmas gift, so head on over to the shop and check out all of the scents!

This month’s giveaway is Christmas themed!! Check in next week to enter and win! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Goats Milk Soap **Giveaway** from Milk ‘n More

MilkNMore giveaway

I’m really excited about this giveaway from one of my favorite Etsy shops, MilkNmore.  I may be a little biased, though, since this shop is owned by my Grandpa. He makes all of the soap in his home with milk from his goats.  That being said, even if this soap wasn’t lovingly and carefully made by my Grandfather’s hands, I would still love it.

I have been using this soap for a couple of months now and am proud to say that my lotion use has definitely decreased. Living in Arizona, I normally need to put lotion on after every shower and every time I wash my hands. This homemade goats milk soap hydrates my skin enough that I don’t always have to do that!

The soap is made mostly from goats milk, and includes other ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. All ingredients are natural and safe (and listed on the Etsy shop’s page)! The soap is scented with essential oils and comes in 10 unique scents (unscented also available).  I will be giving away 4 bars of soap ($20 value) in mellow orange, jasmine, light lavender, & lemon (my personal favorite!).

Etsy Giveaway from MilkNMore

I like to use the lavender scented soap on my toddler for his nightly baths to help settle him down. It seems to work since he goes to bed within the hour.  I don’t have to worry about what I’m putting on his skin, either, since all of the ingredients are familiar to me and all are safe, handmade by my wonderful Grandpa, on his farm in Florida.

MilkNMore Soap


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