Care-package therapy – November

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is almost here.  This year has passed by so fast, faster than any of my previous years. I’m not sure if that is a result of getting older or having children.  Anyway, for Thanksgiving I wanted to send my husband something homemade that he would normally have if he were home for the holidays.  He is in denial of the very obvious fact that he is a “sweets person”.  He will tell anyone who asks that he doesn’t care for cookies or cake, but the second I take a dozen muffins or a delicious pie out of the oven, there he is, right by my side, drooling and begging like a little puppy.  That amazing banana pudding I made earlier this year, he ate 95% of it.  I think I had one or two servings and went back the next day for a little afternoon dessert and, low and behold, there was the empty bowl, scraped clean.  He was nice enough to put the plastic wrap back over it though.  I’m getting off the subject here, but I just need to add that Sam is one of those people who will finish off a gallon of milk and put the empty jug back in the refrigerator.  Even though that drives me crazy,  I miss opening the refrigerator to an empty gallon of milk.  Anyway, back to sending Sam something homemade…I decided to go with pumpkin bread.  I have researched a few different ways to ship it to where it will actually be edible by the time Sam gets it and I think I’ve got it:  I’m going to wrap the loaves in plastic wrap when they finish cooling, then freeze them, then first thing Monday morning, I am going to vacuum seal them in another bag and mail them off! It will take about two weeks and I am praying they survive the trip! They look so yummy.


I used the same Better Homes and Garden recipe that I’ve used for the past few years now.  It is simple and the bread turns out delicious! Next month I plan on sending some Christmas cookies and maybe a gingerbread! I was talking to a few of the lovely wives whose husbands are deployed with mine and we agreed that this “care-package therapy” is a big part of what keeps us going.  I believe it helps our husbands, too.  Sam is always asking about the next package. He will tell me a few things that he wants or needs, but leaves the rest to me to surprise him. I think I do a pretty good job, although if he reads this he’ll know about the pumpkin bread. That’s okay because I have an even better surprise in this box.  Of course, I have the regulars: tuna and ramen noodles, but there are a few goodies that I know he will really appreciate.

Anyway, I have to get back to the mommy thing.  Have a great Saturday and thanks for reading!

Sam-less Days

Sam left yesterday morning. A familiar, yet unsettling feeling followed me around all day. I guess I thought that I had this one in the bag since our last deployment was a whole year long. The only problem is, that was 2 years ago, and we were in a long distance relationship already, so I think that may have made it easier. I didn’t have his dirty socks to find around my house, or have to clean up the mess he made that morning in the sink with the toothpaste. Those are the things that make so mad when he’s home, but now..can you imagine feeling that knot rise in your throat, then tears coming out of your eyes all because you found a dirty sock in the couch cushion?! Then even more sadness comes when I realize that Sam is missing a sock. Then, for some reason, maybe I’m crazy, I start to think how the sock might feel without it’s match.  Then I start to feel sorry for the lonely sock. Then I say to myself, “I feel like that lonely sock” as I cry and hold Sam’s dirty sock. It’s all so pathetic, and luckily the weird stuff seems to subside after that first awful day.

Today was better. Sam isn’t traveling anymore and is now settled in and that makes me feel better because I know his legs hurt so bad on the plane and for some reason I kept thinking about that.  So now the countdown starts! (Sarah – remember when Sam would leave, I would always make those colorful countdown calendars and post them in my cube and we would mark off each day..that was fun.)  I have plenty to keep me busy this time around (but I’ll discuss that later), so hopefully this one goes by fast.

Oh, and apparently Osama Bin Laden is dead now. It took 10 years, but justice has finally been served. I wish that his death meant the death of the monster we continue to fight and our loved ones could come home, but unfortunately there is still work to be done! But this is, indeed, a great victory for America.

The Next Couple of Weeks

Sam is leaving in the next few weeks. I won’t be Sad Panda until after he leaves,though. We have to make the most of the time we have left together, right?! Gosh, it’s been so long since he’s deployed (2 years. Yeah, I guess I’m a spoiled Marine Corp spouse, right?Ha.).  It’s been really neat to watch life slow down in the past day, though. What I mean by that is, Sam and I have sunk so far into our own routine together that we forget to stop and savor every moment, but as soon as I found out he was leaving yesterday, I just felt like everything needed to slow down. Forget our routine and just be together and enjoy each others company.

I am typing this as I sit in my living room with the windows open and the breeze running through my house. One of my favorite Jack Johnson songs is playing in the background. I love it so much because there is a verse that reminds me of me and Sam when we first started dating. I’m hoping these last few weeks that we have together can be spent this way:

We can park the van and walk to town

Find the cheapest bottle of wine that we could find

And talk about the road behind, how getting lost is not a waste of time.

Le Bois d’amour will take us home

In the moment we will sing as the forest sings

It’s all for the sake of arriving with you.

What You Though You Need, Jack Johnson

Apologies for all of the mushiness! Oh and a very Happy Birthday to my lovely sister and her honey-pie, Jamesy!

This photo was taken a few days before Sam left on his last deployment...a LOOOONG time ago.