Brag Post! {Ana White Camp Loft Bed}

My father-in-law scored major Grandpa points this past weekend when he delivered a big boy bed for Milo made by him!


Milo was a little unsure about the steps at first, but they were quickly mastered when he figured out he could reach his books and stuffed animals that I keep on the shelf.


You can find the plans here on Ana White’s website. I love looking through her plans and adding things to our ever growing to-do list. Sam especially loves it when I add new projects. Haha.


He did such a great job, even rounded out the sharp edges for safer play!  It’s really a cool thing because Sam’s grandpa built him a bed too, so it’s kind of like Milo’s grandpa is starting a tradition.

Happy Milo

Milo is pretty darn happy about his new bed and will be able (whether he likes it or not) to enjoy it until he’s 18! Haha. Thanks, “Paw”!!

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