Weekly Dinner Menu {11/4-11/10}

Weekly Dinner Menu


Alright folks, it’s time to share my weekly dinner menu again.  Hope this is able to help a few of you busy moms out there.

Monday {11/4} – Rotini Bake with homemade garlic knots & super green salad

Tuesday {11/5} – Leftovers from Monday night’s Rotini Bake

Wednesday {11/6} – Rosemary Chicken & Potatoes with fresh green beans

Thursday {11/7} – Curried Coconut Chicken

Friday {11/8} – Sushi Night

Saturday {11/9} – Pizza Saturday using this quick and easy pizza crust recipe

Sunday {11/10} – Out to eat!

I promise my recipes will be much more creative and healthy after my internship ends. I mean, these are mostly healthy, but I seriously need more greens in my life. Luckily my nevada lettuce and spinach are coming up beautifully in my garden! Alright, until tomorrow!

Have a great Monday!


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