DIY Burlap Ruffle Pillow {tutorial}

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my sewing machine this weekend. I’ve been meaning to finish this burlap ruffle pillow for sometime now, and finally got around to it! I also managed to make a set of curtains for the back window and a door curtain for the back door. We are now completely covered at night! Back to the pillow…I thought I’d share some instructions on how to do the burlap ruffles on the front of the pillow case.

Burlap pillow

This is a fairly easy project to do as long as you know the basics of sewing a zippered pillow case. If not, I am including a few good reference posts on that subject below.

Alright, so here’s the cast of characters. Ignore the piping that I tried to “X” out. I decided not to use the piping with the burlap ruffles.


1. Pillow form (this one is 12″ x 12″)

2. Front and back panel cut from fabric of your choice at 13″ x 13″.

3. 4″ burlap ribbon (found at Michaels)

4. 8″ – 10″ zipper for closure

The first thing I did was pin the burlap ribbon to the pillow like this:


I didn’t cut the burlap into specifically long segments because I wasn’t sure how much I needed for each strip, so I just kept the ribbon connected while I pinned the ruffles then cut it off at the end of the pillow case. I measured 1.5″ between each burlap strip. I measured about 2″ between each little ruffle crease (the creases were made simply by folding over about .5″ of burlap and pinning).

Then I sewed the ruffled strip at the very top, making sure to backtack over each ruffle fold to reinforce.


The next step is really much neater if you own a serger, but if not, you can simply clip the edges to make them neat and even for sewing the pillow case.


Now you have the front of your pillow case and you can sew it up as if it were just a plain ol’ panel of fabric! Pretty darn easy, right?

Here are those pillow case tutorials that I promised:

Zippered Pillow Cover

Zippered Throw Pillows

Have a wonderful Friday!!

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