Couch slip cover update

This week has been a little busy. Milo is sick again. I finally took him to see his Pediatrician to rule out any infections and she basically said it’s normal for him to get colds back to back the first 6 months, or so, of his daycare life. Great.

I have managed to make some progress on my couch slip cover though!



This is the small couch. The bigger one is being covered in grey. I will do some grey throw pillows for this couch and some natural (that’s the color) throw pillows for the bigger couch, just to coordinate them! I’m also planning an awesome afghan for the big couch, but we will see how that goes. I rarely finish big afghans. Haha. It’s probably hard to tell where the slipcover is in this photo since the couch was originally white, but I’ll give you a hint: The only thing I haven’t sewn on is the skirt! See…




Please, excuse the strings. I haven’t clipped anything yet. But know you see, right?



My last step will be to sew velcro down the backsides then to sew on the skirt and the small couch will be complete..after 6 months of intermittent work. Haha.

What home project are you working on that is taking your FOR-EV-ER?

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