Sedge Stitch Washcloths {**Giveaway** & Tutorial}

Today is going to be a fun day! Why? Because it’s my very first giveaway! That’s right, one of you lucky readers will have the privilege of wiping down your countertops with some of my handmade washcloths. First things first: I wanted to share something with my crocheting friends that you might not know. I have been crocheting since I was 10 and never knew this little secret until I was watching a lady crochet and I witnessed this miracle!

Okay, so when I join colors or start a border, I normally tie one color of yarn to the other. My grandma taught me to do this and it works well for her but my work always ends up looking really sloppy and I can never hide the knot very well. This way of joining colors is so much easier and looks way neater.

So say you’re about to join another color. Go ahead and fasten off the first color. I like to leave the tail out because the next color is just going to be crocheted over it so it should hold it down pretty well. Now, you’re going to put your hook through the place you want to start your new color and hook the new color.

I like to start new colors on the corner since the bulkiness won't be as noticeable there.

I like to start new colors on the corner since the bulkiness won’t be as noticeable there.

Then bring your hook through the hole.

It might be hard to see, but I brought the white yarn through the blue stitch.

It might be hard to see, but I brought the white yarn through the blue stitch.

Then chain one. That counts as my single crochet in this case since I was doing a border for the washcloth.


For the little tail, I just crochet over it. That ensures it won’t be sticking out and that it will be secure.


I can’t believe I never knew how to do this!! This definitely changes my crocheting habits. I am no longer afraid to use multiple colors!

Okay, so onto the washcloths and the giveaway! First of all, I love the sedge stitch for washcloths. I just think it’s more fun than the double crochet or single crochet pattern people normally use for washcloths. Second, I like big washcloths. These babies measure about 9″ x 10″. That’s a whole lot bigger than most of the crocheted washcloths I’ve seen. I used a US F5/3.75 MM hook.  Here’s the pattern:

Ch. 39

Row 1: skip first two chains (counts as first SC). Two Double crochet (DC) in 3rd chain from hook. *Skip next two chains, SC, 2 DC in next chain. Repeat from * until there are 3 chains left. SC in last chain.

Rows 2 – 24: chain 1, 2 DC in first SC. *Skip next two chains, SC, 2 DC in next chain. Repeat from * until there are 3 chains left. SC in last chain. 

Fasten off and use the method above to attach the border. 

And this is what I’m giving away!


Crocheted washcloths last forever, as long as they are made well, and they get better with each and every wash!


To win these washcloths, simply follow The General Specific by clicking the “follow” button on the righthand side of the page, or follow me on Bloglovin’ by clicking the button below AND leave a comment below letting me know you did one or the other!

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**giveaway is open to residents of the US, UK, and Canada only****Ends 9/18/13. Winner will be selected randomly and  announced Thursday, Sept. 19.** Thank you, everyone, and good luck to all!


54 thoughts on “Sedge Stitch Washcloths {**Giveaway** & Tutorial}

  1. First of all, I love the colors you chose!
    Secondly, I think I was already following you and I may be following you twice now (if that’s even possible).
    Third, I need to learn to crochet b/c all the stuff you make is so pretty! I think I need to learn patience so I will actually finish projects I start! lol

  2. I had originally been reading your blogs when you posted them on twitter, now I can get e-mail alerts when you post new ones!! Yay!! I really enjoy all your blogs, especially your wonderful recipes.

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  4. I’ve been reading your blogs but I dont think I could crochet to save my life, haha. If you do a Crochet for dummies blog, I would try! If I learned I could show Jazlynn & I think she would love it!

  5. Followed with e-mail and blog lovin.

    You do great work and thank you sooo much for the trick to add colors I am always scared to death to do more than one color. If I want colors I usually just use the rainbow yarn.

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