Tuesday’s Tune: Action/Reaction

I’m taking it back today with this song. It reminds me of driving around Louisville during the fall season with the windows rolled down, which is something I’m really missing right now. I always get really homesick this time of the year, and especially at Christmas time.

Action/Reaction by Choir of Young Believers

In other news, I got my new Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser yesterday and I’ve washed my face three times in a 14 hour period because I love it so much. I know that probably isn’t good for my poor face, but it feels so good! I like this cleanser much better than the regular facial cleanser and the milk cleanser because the blemish cleanser lathers up really nice. I like that in a cleanser because I can see the bubbles everywhere and I feel like it’s really doing its job. If you’re looking for an organic skin care line that doesn’t use harmful chemicals in their products and is safe to use during pregnancy, check out Juice Beauty! They always send cool samples, too, so that’s a plus!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!!!


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