Upcoming Blog Events {Hint: Giveaway}

I had a sick baby this past weekend. Last Tuesday, I picked Milo up from preschool and noticed clear, slimy mucus running from his nose. Too bad I didn’t notice it earlier, because I’m pretty sure they are most contagious when the clear mucus is present. He didn’t act like he felt bad, so no need for any medicine. I just gave him ACV/raw honey drinks and plenty of fluids and took him back to preschool on Thursday. Thursday afternoon he seemed fine, still had some mucus, but that night he developed a fever.

When the fever comes along and the mucus turns from clear to greenish, then you know the infection is almost gone! He held a steady 101.6 for 2 days and it finally broke Saturday night as I put him down for bed. He wasn’t uncomfortable, so I didn’t want to give him anything that might take the fever down. After all, fevers are a productive way for the body to fight off the infection.

Sunday was a good day! Still pretty boogery as his body was ridding itself of the infection, but we played outside in his little pool and had a great day.

I have some fun things coming up this week! An amazing recipe, and my first **GIVEAWAY**!!!!  I’m really excited for the giveaway, so stay tuned this week so you can enter to win some handmade items by yours truly!

Have a great Monday, everyone!!

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