DIY: Babies

Just kidding. I’m not going to tell you how to make babies, silly. But today is normally the day I share my DIY projects, and it’s not like I don’t have many ongoing projects (hat for friends baby, piano bench, couch slipcover, afghan for couch, etc…), it’s just that I have something that I wanted to share with the world that involves babies!

I’m pregnant and it’s……


…one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen!

Just kidding, it’s a beautiful skull.  Anyway, it’s a girl! I’m due sometime mid to late January, so yay! Sam is super excited to have a little girl to spoil. I’m terrified because I’m scared she’ll be just like me: mean, stubborn, and persistent. Milo has no idea what is about to happen. So many mixed emotions!

Honestly, though, I’m very excited to be having a little girl. I’ve already discovered how much more fun it is to shop for little girls than it is to shop for little boys. Sam didn’t like that discovery very much. Anyway, I need to get back to some of those DIY projects so I can have something for you for next Thursday! Have a wonderful day!

5 thoughts on “DIY: Babies

  1. OMG so amazing news! congratulations!
    Milo gonna be a so protective big brother i’m sure 🙂
    so lovely that only around half year will be between your&Sam’s little girl and Sam’s sister, Sarah’s little boy 🙂 so excited for your family.

  2. I’m reading your blog for several months now, but i think it might be the 1st time i’m leaving a comment : congratulation for your future little baby girl ! I’m sure she will be as cute as her big brother.
    It amazes me how you’re succesfully dealing with everything in your life : great mother, wife, creative mind and cook… I hope i’ll be able to do as great as you when i’ll be a mom. (right now, i’m working on my cooking skills with a Martha Stewart pech pie, in the oven, right now :p).
    Best wishes again.

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