Piano makeover in progress

I am a firm believer that no home is complete without a dog and a piano. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandma Richardson on her farm in Florida, where she taught me and my sister to read music and play the piano. Those are some of my most cherished childhood memories. My parents had a piano in their house too, although I have no idea where they got it. It was a huge, scary, upright black piano that was so out of tune, no one ever bothered playing it. I have no idea what ever happened to that thing, but it still haunts me in my nightmares from time to time.  Despite my bad experience with the scary, black piano, I have always known that I needed to have a piano in my home for my children.

So I had been checking Yuma Craigslist just about every day since March until I found this gem!


We had it delivered by professional piano movers and immediately went to work on it. I was a little scared to disassemble a piano, but it ended up being pretty easy as long as we kept all of the hardware with each piece and took everything off in order. We followed this tutorial for the most part and, so far, everything has turned out great!



I didn’t remember to take photos until after we sanded and primed all of the pieces. Here is the piano without the protective finish on it. Sam is doing that tonight:

Valspar *Mint Mist* acrylic paint, satin finish.

Valspar *Mint Mist* acrylic paint, satin finish.


We just need to do one more extremely light sanding, then one more coat of finish and it will be ready to be moved into our home!!

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