Covering couches: A work in progress

We got a REALLY amazing deal on two beautiful white couches from a model home sale in my in-laws neighborhood. The only problem with white couches is the fact that I have a son and a husband. Boys and white couches do not mix well, no matter what age they are. So I set out on what I knew would be a long adventure filled with whispered curse words and many days where I would give my sewing machine the cold shoulder.

It’s been nearly 5 months since I started my journey. Here is my progress:



Okay so it’s not that bad…

I have the top three cushions on the big couch covered in light grey, and all of the cushions covered on the small love seat. I also have the skirt finished for the love seat. I have been using HoneyBearLane’s tutorial for making a slipcover and it is what has kept me sane throughout this process. She covers everything and in simpleton terms that I can understand! I highly recommend her tutorial if you are thinking your couch needs a makeover.

Well, I’m off to Stroller Strides to socialize with awesome mommies, like myself, and get my workout in for the day!

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