Follow up to “I am a stripper”

I just wanted to follow up with my attempts at ridding Milo’s diapers of the stench of ammonia.  So, in “I am a stripper” I explained that I boiled them, then soaked them in an ammonia bouncer, and that worked…for a few days.  After 3 or 4 days the ammonia was back.  So I did some more reading and decided to try bleach.  I just added a little bit of bleach to the hot rinse that I do before the hot, heavy wash, then I just added the detergent, as usual, to the heavy wash, and rinsed again. I have been doing that with every load and Milo’s diapers smell like NOTHING! They just smell so clean. They don’t even smell like bleach. I am so relieved! I thought I would be stuck with that smell FOREVER! So there you have it, folks…If you’re having ammonia problems, try bleach before you decide to spend a whole 2 days boiling and soaking your child’s diapers.

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