Pomegranate Margaritas

I am so happy it’s Saturday. Why? One word: Margaritas.

Oh yes. Monday through Friday, it’s strictly wine, but Saturday and Sunday are fat and fun days! That’s my line. I just came up with it. Anyway, tonight I am enjoying a pomegranate margarita.

To make this wonderful drink, you will need:

your choice of tequila

Grand Marnier

the juice of 2 limes

pomegranate juice

In a shaker, combine 2 capfuls of tequila, 1 capful of Grand Marnier, the lime juice, and 3 capfuls of pomegranate juice. Put the cap on (this is very important) and give the shaker about 15 shakes. Salt the rim of 2 glasses, fill with ice, pour wonderful pomegranate-tequila mixture into glasses, garnish with lime, and enjoy.

To maximize the enjoyment, do not think of the sugar and calories in this drink. Simply think of the vitamins and antioxidants you are taking in from the wonderful pomegranate juice. Have a great Saturday night!

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