Homemade sandwich bread and a few Brett-isms

It is nice to be back in Louisville, and even nicer to be feeling some fall weather.  It’s cloudy, cool, and a bit breezy outside,  and I’ve got a loaf of made-from-scratch sandwich bread baking in the oven, filling the house with the smell of heaven. Well, that is what I hope heaven smells like.  That and coffee…and Christmas.  Yep, those are the smells of heaven.

Just out of the oven!

The hardest part of baking bread is waiting for it to cool.  You probably thought I was going to say kneading, but I actually really enjoy that part.

Brett, my 6 year old brother, has really enjoyed having Milo here. He always tells me to “sit him on the couch so I can play with him.”  Speaking of things Brett says, I have compiled a list of funny/interesting things he has said since I’ve been here:

Brett: What is that horrible smell?

Mom: Well, that’s my roast I’m cooking for dinner!

Brett: It smells horrible. I love chocolate.


Me (to Brett): Do you like music?

Brett: I like spooky songs and marching songs.


Mom: Brett, are you going to have a sloppy joe or a hot dog today for lunch?

Brett: Does the sloppy joe have onions in it?

Mom: Well, I’m not sure.

Brett: *thinks for a few seconds* Well, I’ll just have the hot dog so I don’t have to worry about it.


Brett: Sissy, the baby is talking!

Me: Oh, what did he say?

Brett: I don’t know. I don’t speak Baby Spanish.


Brett (on the phone with his dad): Do people have breasts?


The last one was especially funny. He has so much character and is so curious about everything around him. He really doesn’t miss a thing, and constantly surprises me with tiny details he picked up from past events.

Well, I’m off to slice this bread so I can enjoy a sun-dried tomato turkey sandwich for lunch! Have a great Tuesday!

Bread recipe found HERE.

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