Another cleanse…

So I start another Advocare 10 day cleanse tomorrow. I had such great results with the first one and felt so great after eating super clean for 10 days that I thought I’d do it again before we get our family photos made on the 30th. Tomorrow is the hardest day. On day 1 of the cleanse, I am only allowed to eat fruits and veggies (no protein or low glycemic-carbs). Well, not “allowed” but it’s recommended for full cleansing benefits that I only eat fruits and veggies for the first day. Then days 2 – 10 will be pretty awesome. Yay.

Tomorrow is my 2nd blog-iversary. I have no clue how I want to celebrate. Crap. I can’t make yummy sweets because I’ll be cleansing. Hmmmm…Oh! I just had the best idea for Advocare cleanse worthy fish tacos! Okay, so I might need to wait a few days to post this because Sam will be here on Wednesday (YAY!) with my camera battery charger, but that is what I will do! So exciting. Have a great Sunday night, everyone. TRUE BLOOD TONIGHT…YES!

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