The single crochet: simple yet wonderful

Ah, the single crochet. My favorite crochet stitch. Not only is it the most basic stitch, it is also the easiest, well, besides the chain stitch.

I love how a piece looks when it’s mostly single crocheted. It’s nice and tight and I think it looks really neat and clean, too.  I can also do this stitch at light-speed, so pieces are done in a jiffy!

This lightweight cowl only took me a few days to complete, and that is with an infant and completing a book!

I used the Calm Cowl pattern that I found on Ravelry and altered it slightly for a cowl that is still warm but tighter around the neck. I also added a few more rows of double crochets.

For this cowl I used A Pound of Love yarn by Lion Brand and a J sized hook. Happy Wednesday!

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