Wine-ding down

It’s Thursday night here in the Wright household. Miles is finally asleep after a busy day of swimming and shopping and Grandma and Grandpa have tucked themselves away for the night already. I am all alone. Sweet Jesus, thank you for this time. I mean, I love spending time with my sweet boy and my awesome in-laws, but there are times when I really enjoy being alone. Running is one of those times. No jogging stroller, no dogs..just me and the pavement. And now, with my glass of red zinfandel, freshly showered, and no noise but the little clicks coming from my keyboard as I type….Ahhhhhh (I’m savoring the moment).

Last week was my sister’s wedding. She finally married that ol’ Brit. Miles gained two uncles in one month! Uncle Eric and now Uncle James, making a total of three uncles (Uncle Brett, my 5 year old brother, is the other one). Crap nuggets, I just realized that I already wrote about her wedding. Sorry! I’m losing my mind. Anyway, in other news, I miss my husband terribly. I heard a song by the Lumineers today called “Ho Hey” and it made me want him here so bad so we could slow dance in the living room. I will leave you with that song and I encourage you to check out the rest of their album. It’s the kind of music that makes you want all your friends in your back yard with lights and drinks and togetherness. Have a good night!

2 thoughts on “Wine-ding down

  1. Hey Ram! I love this song as well! I tell Jeff often, “I wish Amber were here so I would have someone to listen to great music with;) Whenever I hear a song that I think you are the only other person in the world that would ike it, I think about the late nights riding around in your car blasting our music! Those were the good ol’ days, that’s for sure! Love you, and miss you.

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