June Weddings

Milo is a world traveler. He has been from Japan to Phoenix to Jackson Hole to Florida all in one month and he hasn’t had one complaint! We’ve had late nights, early mornings and times when mommy ran out of food, but he’s been amazing. I have no idea where he gets his patience and calm demeanor.

Last week, we spent a few days near Jackson Hole, WY to witness my sister-in-law, Sarah and (my now brother-in-law) Eric get married. It was a beautiful ceremony with a mountain view backdrop, great music, and the sweetest vows I have ever heard. I didn’t get a chance to take too many pictures since I was a bridesmaid and taking care of Milo too, but you can find a few HERE. The reception was (not surprisingly) also amazing.  Fish tacos, BBQ sandwiches and spicy baked beans were served along with spicy margaritas and Whitey’s ice cream for the cake.  The band played Bob Dylan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and other (country-sounding) favorites.  It was a great time. I am so happy to see my sister-in-law married to someone who loves her so much. They really are amazing together…always laughing and joking around. It made me miss Sam 100 million times more than I already do. They played the audio from a video toast he had made for them and I think at least 95% of the guests were in tears by the end of that 2 minutes, including me.  We danced until about 12am and then I had to pry Milo away from the ladies. But the wedding festivities didn’t end there!

It’s the next week and Milo and I are relaxing on a tiny island off of Ft Myers, FL called North Captiva. We watched my sister Stephy and her Englishman, James tie the knot on the beach yesterday. It was a sweet ceremony with all the guests gathered around the bride and groom.  My dad performed the ceremony and cried, of course. That is classic Dad for you..haha. I didn’t get to take photos of her wedding either because I was the Matron of Honor (or Honour, for James..haha).  The reception was a very down-to-earth cookout with tilapia, hamburgers, and pork BBQ. There was swimming, drinking, a little bit of dancing, a little bit of toasting, and cake…yummy yummy cake. Yes, Debbie, I had a piece. It was delicious, moist, strawberry swirl…YUM. I ran it off this morning, though.  I’ll tell you what, running on the beach is no easy thing to do! If I lived here, I’d have buns and calves of steel!

Anyway, I am so glad these June weddings are over now and we all get to relax a bit! Everyone is out on the boats today while I keep Milo company in the cool house. I think we will walk down to the beach once he wakes up from his afternoon nap. Have a great Thursday!

One thought on “June Weddings

  1. Awwww wish I could have been there. It sounds lovely. Congrats to both brides and grooms..and Milo for being a good little man.

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