June in Arizona!

Milo and I are back in the US! Well, I’m back. This is his first time being here. He seems to be adjusting okay. He has a runny nose, so I think he may be allergic to something around here. The long plane ride over went so well. Milo slept 5 of the 9 hour trip and did not cry once. People were amazed. That’s my boy!

I like Arizona so far. It’s hot, but at least it’s dry instead of hot and humid. It’s nice to be here with Robert and Debbie, and for them to have Miles here. They seem to be enjoying the company. Debbie has me doing this AdvoCare 24 day challenge.  The first 10 days are a cleanse, so we have been eating mostly green veggies and fruits, spoonfuls of peanut or almond butter, and a brown rice cake here and there. I feel pretty awesome not being filled with junk food and sugar, and it’s really not that hard altering my recipes to fit in with the cleanse. For instance, I am making lunch right now. I am supposed to have a protein, a veggie, and a low-glycemic carb. I wanted lemon-basil spaghetti, so I just switched out the regular noodles for brown rice noodles, and instead of cooking the salmon in oil, I baked it in garlic and lemon juice. When the noodles finished, I added 3/4 cup of fresh spinach, a little bit of fresh, chopped basil, lemon juice, a chopped garlic clove and a teaspoon of EVOO…YUM..and super healthy! Another thing us Americans need to alter about our recipes is the portion sizes. For this meal, I had 1/4 cup of the noodles, 3/4 cup of the spinach, and 4oz. of the salmon. That was enough for me, but most people are used to eating so much more in a sitting. The best part of this 24 day challenge is that it’s only day 5 and I can already fit into my size 26 (inches, not the woman’s size 26) jeans that have always been a little too tight on me. YAY!


Miles is growing like a weed! I started giving him real food the other day. So far, he’s had peas (which he loved), pears (not too crazy about), and carrots (loved those, too).  Can’t wait to see all of my family at the weddings in 2 weeks!


3 thoughts on “June in Arizona!

  1. What a fatso:) I can’t believe he liked peas, but not pears! Silly little boy!
    And I think your recipe sounds disgusting. Haha. I had a Chicken Legend from McDonalds for dinner tonight. Now, that’s good eatin’! 😉 I’m sure it’s healthy, but I just can’t stomach healthy food at the minute.

  2. Your recipe sounded divine, Amber. Steph, stay away from McD’s! Milo likes eating, does he? Pears have a strange texture. Zachary never liked pears. He loves peaches, though. I love that tapioca baby food stuff, yummy!

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