Future aspirations…

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life. I mean, besides being a Super Mom and awesome wife…I still want to be a marriage and family therapist, but I have been toying with some other ideas for a while now. I’ve always wanted to own my own bakery. I am all that is woman, so of course I love to bake. I would serve yum-yum pastries and delicious coffee, and even have healthy options for the doctors, lawyers, and business executives stopping by my delightful little shop for lunch. I loath the business aspect of it all, though. I don’t know the first thing about owning or running a business and I could not sit through a class to save my right eye. Oh, Sam…?

Hmm..lets see…Of course, I still dream of owning my own private practice. I would build a beautiful office behind my home so I just have to walk outside to get to work. The office would have floor to ceiling windows to let the maximum amount of sunlight in and there would be flowers everywhere since both of those things bring happiness to people. I would have one assistant, because I don’t plan on having a huge practice..just a handful of clients at a time. My office would smell like coffee and I might even have an office dog since dogs have a profound healing effect on people. Of course, this dream requires me to go through about 6 more years of school, all while raising children and caring for a husband and house. Hmmmm…

What else do I want to do? I still love the idea of writing children’s books. My good friend Sarah can attest to my creative writing style and imaginative illustrations…right, Sarah? Haha. I also love the idea of crocheting awesome afghans and throws for people.  Oh, and there was the idea of being an editor when Sam was talking about being a writer, which I hope he still decides to do. I mean, I already correct him in every other aspect of his life, why not take over the work part? Haha. Anyway, I’m just jabbering on like a monkey in a tree. Too much caffeine, I suppose. Until next time…

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