Things that are green

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. I normally spend this holiday with my best friend, Sarah, in the Highlands (a place that she loathes, but she’ll come around) drinking green beer.  Tomorrow I will be spending it on Okinawa with friends and a Mexican feast! I have no clue why we are having Mexican food on an Irish holiday, but it should be delicious, and tons o’ fun…hahaha…get it? Okay. 

This holiday is so unimportant to me that I always forget to wear green. Always. So, I decided to post some green clothing items in hopes that it helps me to remember to wear green!


Urban Outfitters


J Crew




Urban Outfitters

I know the last item isn’t clothing, but I thought it was cute. Anyway, here’s to me remembering to wear green tomorrow! 

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