Normal books vs E-books

I am so torn.

I love my little Kindle and the convenience of being able to connect the wifi and have any book in the whole ebook world at my disposal. It makes me excited knowing I can have any book, anytime. I know that goes for anybody with the internet and a program with the ability to open up an ebook, not just Kindle users. I have automatic book marks and if I get bored with one book, I can just hit the little button with a house on it and start on a different one! Flying with the Kindle is extremely convenient. I don’t have to lug around 4 books, so I have more room for twinkies, yarn, and whatever else I want to stuff in my carry-on! Ah, ebooks.

However, there is nothing like a real book. With real pages. Pages that I can dog-ear, and make notes on, and smell. Oh, how I love the sweet smell of the pages of a book. I love having a collection of books. I don’t know why, but I feel like it adds character to a home when there are books everywhere, on the walls, on the coffee table, on random chairs…I love real books. And bookstores, don’t even get me started on those…

Too late.

There is nothing that makes me happier than walking through the doors of a giant bookstore and being smacked in the face by the smell of paper and coffee. The hours I have spent in book stores probably add up to more than the hours I have spent sleeping and showering, combined. Sam and I used to go on Saturday mornings, get our coffee, and separate for hours, then find each other when it was time to eat. I love that the book stores provide couches so you can just sit down and read a whole book without even having to spend the normal $16.00 on it! I mean, I normally just sat up against a book shelf on the floor, but the couches are nice for people with back problems, I guess. I always hope there is a long line to the cash register so I can play with all the neat gadgets they have. Cool pens. Unique paper weights. And Moleskins. I have to get a new Moleskin, or get Sam a new one, every time I go to a book store. I just can’t resist those plain colored notebooks. They are just begging me to write all over their pages, and that is exactly what I do with them. Sam has a few blank ones in his drawer, and I just cannot make sense of it. How can he resist? I might go steal his since I have yet to find them here on Okinawa.

Anyway, just thought I’d share my thoughts on ebooks vs real books. Good night!

One thought on “Normal books vs E-books

  1. Amber, I could not agree with you more!!!! I LOOOOOVE books!! The smell is amazing and the And I love what they do to a home. Just seeing a book makes me want to pick it up and browse. And I could seriously live in a book store.

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