Back to Etsy-land!

Another wonderful thing about Miles finally being here is my carpal tunnel syndrome is gone! Yay! I can finally crochet again without both of my hands going completely numb, and boy, have I been busy. I am working on some new stuff for my Etsy shop, including some adorable infant owl hats, and a big, yummy, chunky circle scarf.  I am so excited to get these items posted! I will also have the usual, some more crocheted wash cloths and dish towels. Right now, all I have left is 2 hot pads, but I will have these items up later on in the week. I have to finish my homework before I work on Etsy shop stuff, or I feel really guilty about finishing projects.

Girl and boy infant owl hats. More color combinations to come!

Cozy circular scarf. It’s so soft and warm!

I seem to be getting myself together now. I can finally juggle school and baby, and I am successfully throwing in house cleaning and Etsy inventory.  Well, I’m off to take advantage of Sam being home today. Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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