Date Night!

Sam and I had a date night tonight.  We figured we won’t get many once Miles comes along, so why not take advantage of these next couple childless weeks? We went to Kami Sushi, a nice little sushi place in American Village that my good friend, Mandi, introduced me to.  Sam and I have been quite a few times since he got home last month.

Kami Sushi's Christmas Decorations

I ordered the Eskimo Roll (spicy salmon, avacado, and spicy mayo, I think) and the shrimp tempura roll because I am just way to chicken to eat any other type of raw fish while pregnant.  Salmon seems pretty clean and safe, so I allow myself to have that.

Shrimp Tempura Roll! Yumm Yumm!!


Samuel had the Triple Dish combo, which is what he normally gets at a sushi restaurant.  He likes all of the various goodies that come on the plate. I guess all the colors and stuff are stimulating to his mind and it keeps him entertained during the meal.  Haha…

Triple Dish Combination Meal


I thought about walking around American Village after we ate but it is quite chilly outside now, which I am very happy about! I was getting extremely home sick for Louisville, but this 50 – 60 degree weather is slowly treating that sickness. I wish I would have taken a better photo of all the lights and Christmas decorations, but this is all I got:

We were definitely thinking that when Sarah, Sam’s sister, comes to visit we will have to take her here, so I will get better pictures then, and Miles will be in a few of them! Yay! Alright, I think Sam and I are going to play Super Mario World now then it’s night-night time for this girl.


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