Supposed to be on day 14?

Okay, so I was slacking.  I’m sorry! I am supposed to be on day 14 of the 31 Days to a Better Photo, but this little thing called LIFE got in the way.  Last week’s DSLR class was cancelled, so I kind of got distracted by everything non-photography related.  It’s back on today, though, and I will be back on track again. I finished my first two classes at Liberty University yesterday.  I believe I received an “A” in both of the classes. I have a week break, then it’s time for some Theology and more Christian Counseling! Yay. I’m glad my classes are fun this semester.

On a more serious note, there was a tragedy in the family this past week.  My sister’s husband, whom I always refer to as “My Sister’s British Boyfriend/Fiancee/Husband”, James, lost his brother last Monday.  I had not had the pleasure of meeting John yet, but was so looking forward to at my sister’s wedding next June. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about him about how he’s so much fun and so funny.  I am so sad that I will not have that pleasure, either.  I am more sad that people that I love have to go through something so awful.  I wish there were some way people could “transfer” their pain and suffering to another person so they could carry that weight instead.  Alas, suffering and pain are spread evenly and everyone experiences them both.  It is strange this past week’s lesson in my Christian Counseling class was on counseling the suffering and the grieving.  One thing that the instructor said that stuck with me was the we have to know pain to know God and goodness.  I’m having a hard time applying that to this situation because this all seems so undeserved.  As a counselor, I am supposed to help the grieving person turn “why?” into “what is God trying to show me?” but all I can think, myself, is “why?”.  I understand that suffering is inevitable and we experience it because of our fallenness.  I take comfort in the fact that God works through our suffering, and that He is close to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18).  It seems that in my own suffering and because people close to me are in so much pain, that understanding of suffering has been skewed, and I am stuck on that one question, not being able to see past it.

I don’t really know how to end this post, after saying what I just said.  I hope and pray that John knew Christ as his savior, and that one day I will finally get to meet him and I’m sure he will live up to the claims made about him.  Either way, one day Christ will come and end all of our suffering.  That is one of the of the only things that, I feel, can bring anyone comfort in a situation like this one.

Please pray for my sister and her in-laws! Thanks and have a wonderful Sunday.  It sure is a beautiful one here in Okinawa!


One thought on “Supposed to be on day 14?

  1. It is amazing that the both of us commented today on John’s death. I have a bit to say on the issue if you care to read my blog. You are wise beyond your years, Amber. Make sure to remember all you have learned because a day will come when you and your faith will be put to the test. Just remember your last paragraph – no matter what comes our way, the only comfort sometimes is knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord. One day, for those who claim believe, He will return. I love you!

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