Day 3 – Shutter Speed

I’m not going to lie and say I read the whole manual. I did go through and find out what all the little symbols meant and read about some (but not all) of the functions. Anyway, today I learned about shutter speed, which is also something I learned last Sunday in my DSLR camera class. The shutter speed refers to the amount of time the camera’s shutter is open. I am not going to bore anyone with anymore mumbo-jumbo, don’t worry. I’ll just post my project pictures. The assignment was to put the camera in shutter priority mode (TV on my canon) and then take the same picture (same place and time) using different shutter speeds. I was going to use Kit for this experiment, but he was not as eager as these mini pumpkins were to stand still for 5 minutes. I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of these pumpkins in the next 29 days. So I’m going to post my pictures with the shutter speed as the caption.

10" (seconds)



1/4 - You can see Kit moving his nose!




1/200 - Oh, now you want to get in the picture, Kit.


1/1000 - Shutter only opened for tiny amount of time allowing hardly any light in. =(


Well, that’s all the fun I get to have today. Now it’s time to do real homework!

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