The Help and Blog Birthday Plans

I have decided that I am not going to make something sweet and unhealthy for my Blog’s birthday.  I have been eating too much bread and sweets lately and I think it’s getting a little out of hand.  Instead I am going to combine three of my favorite recipes:  lime-butter tilapia, cucumber salsa, and cilantro-lime rice.  It’s light and healthy, and I know Debbie will love it, not so sure about Robert, but he’ll eat it!

So I know I made a reading list and promised that I would finish all the books earlier this year, but (insert 3 or 4 really bad excuses as to why I broke my promise to myself)…and with all that stuff going on, I just have not been able to keep up with the reading list so far.  I have been reading though! I read The Help by Kathryn Stockett the week before last and then went to see the movie.  It was a great book and a very quick read, um, if you’re a quick reader like me. The book got me wondering if I were to have lived back in those times in the South, would I have felt that way about black people? Would I feel like they are second class citizens and need to be separated from the whites? It makes me sick and sad to say that I probably would feel that way.  I mean, I am from the southern part of the US, granted Florida is NOT the South.  I am pretty conservative in, well, all of my beliefs, and I am a Christian. Those seem to be the people who felt the strongest about segregation.  I hope that I would have been able to see past their misguided views and love everyone equally, as Christ did and wants us to.  Well, I need to get my work out in for the day. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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