Halfway There

Finally past the halfway point in my pregnancy! I cannot believe that I’m already here.  Pretty soon, I will be holding my baby and saying the same thing. How exciting!  Last week I had my 20 week anatomy scan.  Miles looks perfect, of course.  He weighed in at about 12 oz, but he’s probably 14 oz now.  His head is still a normal size, which was nice to know considering the size of Sam’s head and the fact that I have to push that thing out of my…anyway, Saturday is my blog’s birthday! I was going to make a pretty rainbow cake, but I am now thinking that I will make these cinnamon rolls I found on the Pioneer Woman website.  I have been dreaming about cinnamon rolls for weeks and The Pioneer Woman makes great claims about these things, so I am pretty sure they are going to be good.  I will probably take them up to the base where I used to work and hand them out.  I will probably also keep about 15 for myself and maybe Robert and Debbie.

Less than two weeks until I get back to my own home! I am excited and sad at the same time.  It is always hard leaving my mom and in-laws, but especially now since I am carrying the next generation of the Wrights in my belly.  Of course, I will be sad to leave Sarah, my BFFF, and all of my other friends.  The happy side is the side on which I am concentrating on the most.  I will be so happy to get back to my house where I can tend to my yard and garden, clean all I want, get Miles’ room ready, and see my awesome Okinawa friends! I miss those girls.  Well, I think I am going to try to get a head start on my school work.  I begin again on Monday..whoo hoo. Pardon my lack of enthusiasm.  I leave you with a few pictures of my son (it feels so weird and good all at the same to say that. My son. Wow).  Bye!

My Sweet Boy, Miles.

Miles has a hand!!

...and a foot!

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