I got pretty lucky tonight during my evening stroll through internet land.  I found a list of THE BEST SEWING TUTORIALS EVER! I only looked through the first 9 before I decided that I wished I had 2 more thumbs so I could give this list 4 thumbs up! Yeah, it’s that great.  I guess I’ll share.  The World’s Best Sewing Tutorials In No Particular Order.  All of my crafty, sewing friends should enjoy this find.

Nineteen weeks pregnant and I finally have a belly! But I have still only gained 2 pounds.  It’s okay though. Miles (which is the name we decided on instead of S.J.) moves so much.  I haven’t figured out if he likes it or hates it when I sit or lay down.  He starts moving and kicking and punching and then I think he’s trying to lasso my placenta with the umbilical cord, but who knows what he’s doing in there.  I just know that when I stop, he starts.  It makes me so happy though. I cannot wait to meet my Sweet Boy.  I was telling my dad today (I am visiting him in FL and leaving tomorrow) that this is the last time he will see me without a kid attached to my leg or side or whatever for the next 15-20 years.  If my kid is still attached to me at 20 years old than I messed up somewhere.

In other news…I have been a busy bee on Pinterest.   If you are not already involved with Pinterest, then I advise you to keep it that way.  I don’t consider it a time-waster, I consider it a time-stealer.  I swear, Pinterest logs into my computer somehow and changes the time because I will just get on there to see what my friends have “pinned” that day and the next thing I know 2 hours have passed and my eyes are on fire.  It’s the strangest thing.

Welp, I’m off to bed soon. Got to rise and shine pretty early to catch my flight back to Kentucky.  Then it’s 3 more weeks there and back to Japan! Have a great week, everyone!

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