I’m going to have a stinky boy.

Yep, it’s a baby boy! Sam and I are very excited about having a son and now I can put a name on this baby…just not the name I thought it would be.  When I found out it was a boy, I started questioning my original choice of S.J. (Sam, Jr.), so I talked to Sam about it and turns out, he was thinking of other names too! He suggested Jack, and I suggested Miles. We both love Miles, but are stuck on a middle name.  Sam loves the name Holden (the dude from The Catcher in The Rye)…I am not too crazy about it because if you put it in the middle of the name (for instance, Jack Holden Wright) it can sound like part of a sentence.  Jack holding right, or Jack holding Wright.  Well, it sounds like part of a broken sentence, but part of a sentence nonetheless! We will probably go with Miles Holden Wright since Miles was my pick and it’s only fair that Sam gets a pick too, right?

On another note, I saw today that the movie “Sucker Punch” is on ONdemand now.  Please do not waste your money on this movie.  My husband made me watch this movie in the theater with him and his friend.  It consists of a bunch of young girls dressed up in skimpy school girl and sailor outfits running around with huge guns looking like idiots.  In the end, we find out that the main girl was just imagining it all and ends up getting lobotomized.  It’s the stupidest movie I have ever seen.  Sadly, my review will probably persuade every man who reads this post to watch it.

Have a great night, those of you who are in the states! And to my Okinawa friends, have a great day!

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